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【Apex Legends】SCARZ ヨーロッパチーム結成

Apex Legends部門への新規メンバー加入および“SCARZ EU”の結成をご報告致します。

We are pleased to announce the addition of new members to the Apex Legends division and the formation of “SCARZ EU”.




Welcome to SCARZ!




I’m very happy to join SCARZ and i’m excited to be a part of something bigger and making history by combining and APAC org with an EU team since that hasn’t been seen before.








My name is Taisheen living in Germany with Turkish roots and I’m 20 years old.
I started playing Apex Legends since the release and I’m lookin forward to keep competing on the highest level.
I’m really excited to join SCARZ as the first EU team ever and also for the future with SCARZ on our site, it’s a pleasure being a part of this big opportunity!


僕は、トルコにルーツを持ちドイツに住んでいる20歳のTaisheenといいます。 Apex Legendsは発売当初からプレイしていて、今後も最高のレベルで戦い続けていくことを楽しみにしています。






My name is rpr and I previously played for SoaR and North (MCD) in EU and I’ve been competing since the release of Apex Legends.
I’m super excited to join SCARZ because it’s going to be my first time under an Asian organization and I think it will be a very exciting adventure for everyone involved.
Can’t wait to see what the future holds for us under SCARZ.


僕の名前はrprといいます。以前はEUのSoaRとNorth(MCD)でプレイをしていて、Apex Legendsのリリースから対戦し続けてきました。




この度、デンマークのクラブチーム North に在籍していた強力なトッププレイヤー3名の加入が決定いたしました!


今後は“SCARZ EU”として『Apex Legends Global Series』の世界大会出場を目指していきます!

SCARZのヨーロッパ進出と共に、 世界へ飛躍していきますので、引き続きSCARZ Apex Legends部門への温かいご支援、ご声援の程宜しくお願いいたします。


Three great players from the Danish club team “North” will be joining our team!

The addition of the EU team is a major attempt in the history of Japanese organization.

From now on, SCARZ EU will be aiming to participate in the Apex Legends Global Series world tournament!

As SCARZ continues to expand into Europe and the world, we ask for your continued support of the SCARZ Apex Legends division.